Three generations of Optical care started in Scotland with the qualification of my grandfather Albert James Billson on 27th June 1930. He married Mary, also a qualified Opticians to start:


Albert and Mary had two children, Stewart Billson FSAO FAAO and my father Cyril Billson FSAO FAAO, both of which qualified as Opticians at Glasgow University. My father qualified on 6th January 1954, which incidently was the year I was born. He always wanted to continue in the family tradition of eye care but wanted to migrate to England leaving his brother to run the family business in Scotland. Following in the family tradition my sister Lesley Billson FSMC and I (Ian Stewart Billson FBDO cert Contact Lenses), both completed our optical training. I qualified as a Dispensing Optician, with a dispensation to fit contact lenses on 20th December 1978.
The first Opticians Cyril opened was in Harlow closely followed by a second store in Halstead. After forty years of giving excellent eye care to his patients Cyril retired in 1995 and the business was transfered to my wife June and I.
Together we have Optician shops which are all customer led to give the best possible service to our patients and have specialised in all aspects of eye care.
Over the generations and being born into the profession the name Billson has stood for:
  1. An excellent, professional, individual eye examination, culminating in the perfect prescription.
  2. The best frames and best lenses for you, made to the prescription acurately, and fully fitted by our excellently trained staff.
  3. All our products come with our own guarantees, together with quality manufacturers guarentees, which safeguard you, our patient.
  4. We offer excellent value for money on all our products, always realising you have a choice where you have your prescription filled.

Thank you for your loyalty and I look forward to continuing the BILLSON STORY.

Ian S Billson FBDO cert CL

Voted Clarity Contact Lens Fitter of the year 2010/2011